Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twelve Hour Turn - Live Set 1998

GGS has been a bit of a ghost town as of late...apologies for that. Mr. Stebner is back from tour and has a backlog of goodness to post, so look out for that. For today, I've got another short little post. I found this on a pal's Facebook wall the other day, Twelve Hour Turn live set! Yes please!

If you read this blog you'll probably already know that Twelve Hour Turn is a fave, so finding this amazing live recording was definitely a treat. It's hard to believe this is almost 15 years old. It still feels incredibly relevant! Anyways, if you like Twelve Hour Turn download this right now, if you haven't heard them, this is a pretty good start...and when you're down, go download Perfect Progress, Perfect Destruction.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Milkwede - s/t 7"

Just a quick post for today. I've had these tracks (Sadly no physical copy) for a long time and I find myself coming back every few weeks and jamming them hard for a few days, and then don't revisit them again for a bit. Nevertheless it's a cool record worth checking out.

Milkwede was an emo band from Lancaster, PA that was active in the mid 90's, according to this 7" came out in '95 and was the bands last release. You can definitely hear the East coast emo/punk sound in these songs, drawing heavily from the DC Dischord scene that is so influential. What I find sort of interesting and different about Milkwede is the other influences they managed to work into their sound without feeling out of place. The whole 7" has a bit of a snotty punk rock edge to it and you can almost hear a metal side of the band in the song Grace.

The songs are pretty roughly recorded and it may not be the most groundbreaking or essential album, but in my opinion the first 2 songs (Innocuous and More Than Me) are definite jams worth getting into.