Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ghost Throats #5: Minuet - Three Song Demo

There used to be a lot of bands that would be classified as noodley (ie. Cap N’Jazz or Algernon Cadwallader) but the popularity of that style seems to have dwindled in the last little bit. However there is one great example of a band doing that sound in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Minuet, would be the first to note the Cap'n Jazz influence but they still have their own style. While maintaining the genres trademark guitar, Minuet really differentiates themselves by writing well crafted songs with great lyrics and vocals. It feels meaningful and honest...and that's really where the charm of Minuet comes. They play with so much heart and talent that you can't help but love them. The way Troy and Garret's vocals bounce off each other suits the band so well, and the drumming and bass just keep every song grooving along Always look forward to seeing these guys. (If you're interested, we've posted singer Troy's solo project in the past. Check it!)

Currently Minuet only has a three song demo, but they're in the early stages of recording another record, so keep your eyes peeled for that. You can catch Minuet at Ghost Throats June 1st in Edmonton.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ghost Throats #4: Bandera - II 12"

I've had such a pleasure to have been able to see Bandera a number of times. I feel like they are the brother band to Stalwart Sons, being able to play with them every time we're out East. And look at this: Darryll from Tonnn, Tim from Whiskey Priest, and now Jordan from JBAC on bass. This new line-up destroys. That first tape we did was awesome, but II is a huge departure.

Bandera hail from Toronto. Some of the finest Post-hardcore in Canada at the moment. Rhythm heavy, super dynamic. I'd pin it somewhere similar to mid-era Level Plane stuff like Gospel or something like that. Brush up for when the time comes.

Bandera are playing the Friday in Edmonton, and Sunday in Calgary.
Do not miss.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ghost Throats #3: Brain Fever - s/t 12"

Brain Fever is band that would fit into the screamo but that term can be attributed to many bands so I will try to interpret the definition as it relates to the band. I want to start off by describing the vocals they have the trademark scream vocals but they are juxtaposed nicely with softer vocals. This something that makes the songs more enjoyable, you also will not have to have a lyrics sheet beside you to understand what is actually being sung. Next talking about the instrumentation employed by the band is hard I would say it is math style played in a spazz manner. Everything is very calculated with how it relates to the song but it changes frequently keeping the song flowing and the listener’s attention. I should note that they have been a band awhile and the songs do not all follow what was described above. Please have a listen to them you will like it. 

A couple things to promote for the band first of all the will be playing Ghost Throats June 1st in Edmonton at Inglewood Hall. They will also be recording a new album at the end of may with a Canadian and European tour to follow. Keep up with them on Facebook. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ghost Throats #2: Animal Faces - Analytical Dreaming

 One of the first posts on Gonnagetsued was way back in 2009 for a painfully under-appreciated Toronto band called Soft Floors. Sadly by the time I even heard Soft Floors they had long broken up. Then just over a year (maybe a year and half) ago I started hearing rumblings online and getting texts from Toronto friends about this band called Animal Faces, a band made up of former Soft Floors members. The tunes did not disappoint at all! 

Animal Faces picks up right where Soft Floors left off, playing technical, yet grooving hardcore. A really great mix of bands like Sinaloa, Kidcrash and maybe Hot Cross. Despite their first 7", Analytical Dreaming, being only 5 songs and only clocking in at around 15 minutes, the album feels bigger and fuller than that, with parts careening and weaving around each other at a furious pace. Just super well thought out jams that honestly leave you wanting more and more...and on that note, make sure you head over to their Bandcamp to listen to the new teaser track of their forthcoming one sided 12". I also have heard from numerous people that Animal Faces puts on one of the best live shows! Cannot wait for June 1st! 

Because I'm a design geek I have to talk about the packaging for all things Animal Faces. WOW! Awesome illustration, great typography, beautiful photography. I'm always so jealous when I see anything these guys are putting out, whether it's albums or merch. It's all so beautiful! Excited to snag copies of their 7" and 12" when they come through town for Ghost Throats.

Animal Faces plays on June 1st in Edmonton and June 3rd in Calgary.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ghost Throats 2012 #1: Tel Fyr - S/T Cassette

From now until Ghost Throats 2012 we'll be posting on a few of the bands playing this years festival. Best way to learn the words and sing along when the time comes. Remember, advance tickets can be purchased here, on at Strange City in Edmonton and Sloth in Calgary.

I've been watching Calgary's Tel Fyr grow. Dudes, Tel Fyr are getting GOOD. Super fiery sets that start from nothing and build into tense outbursts into an exhaustive purge. Pieces of meandering post-rock rushing into churning hardcore. There's even some good ol' emo spoken-word in there for good measure. Some of it is like modern-day Envy full-bore, while other times it's single guitars and haunting screams from the ether. This tape itself is like that too, starts of promising and builds into impressive maturity, where it then quietly bids you adieu. Brainchild Will Bjrondahl (also in Cold Craving) cooked this thing up, and it's best you get in on it.

Catch them on Sunday, June 3rd in Calgary @ Undermountain
(from Bandcamp)