Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 10 Jams of the Year

Rather than have this list be a bunch of disjointed songs in your iTunes, I threw them together into on handy little 37 minute MP3. Enjoy! PS. The photo was taken at Ghost Throats by Rico Moran. He's fantastic.

So it's the last days of December and so that means "Best of..." season on music blogs. While I see nothing wrong with this, I just don't keep up with new music enough to actually warrant my own list...in reality I've only really jammed like 10 new albums this year. Keeping with the holiday spirit though, I figured I'd try my hand at the "Top 10 Jams of the year". I'll try and keep them as current as possible, but I may stray from the 2010 year into the late 09's.

1. End of a Year - Jeni Leigh
If I had to pick an album of the year it would probably be this record. Every song is such a jam, but to me Jeni Leigh is it. It's so damn catchy and fun and the big sing along female vocals at the end just kill me every time.

2. Gyre Spire & Spindle - Winky Dinky
My friends make the best music in the world. When Graham, Blake, and Calvin debuted this stuff sans vocalist in the late months of 2009 everyone was really impressed. When they finally emerged from the jam space with Amy on vocals Edmonton practically fell apart from excitement. Winky Dinky is representative of one of my favorite times in Edmonton music in a long time.

3. Forming - Hate My Guts
I just posted the Forming 7" a few weeks ago. Seriously, Hate My Guts was my total summer jam...and continued to be so well into the winter months. Super fun 90's Indie Rock inspired pop punk. Jamz!

4. York Redoubt - Initials
Technically a 2009 number, but whatever...I've been consistently listening to this album all year, but this is my favorite song on the album. Lazy, summery indie rock jams to move your hips and warm your heart.

5. Weed Hounds - Embrace (More or Less)
Again, a song from 2009...sort of. While this came out on Weed Hounds 09 demo, it was re-released on 7" in early 2010. I looooove this song. So catchy...I dare you to listen and not hum it for the rest of the day.

6. Maus - The Robber Bride
This song really came out of nowhere for me. I love Maus, but this song...I don't even know what to really say about it. Some of the most heartbreaking lyrics I've heard put to tape, and one of the most intense performances by a band in a long, long time. By the time the song picks up, you'll want to rip something apart.

7. Solids - Erratic Dogs/Whatevers and Neverminds
Technically 2 songs, but they flow so well into each other that I can't listen to one without the other. Stalwart Sons brought word of Solids back after their Eastern Canadian tour, and it's been in heavy rotation since then. Just really great chill 2 piece, fuzzed out indie rock. Hard not to feel great when listening to these songs.

8. Auld Beak - Cat Song
Is it fair to include a song from a tape that came out a week ago? Pffft I don't care, it's my list. Although I've only had these Auld Beak songs for just over 2 weeks, they've already got more plays than most things on this list. Seriously, one of the best things in Canada right now.

9. Slates - Dirty Water
Another 2009 song! To be fair, I think this came out late, late November 2009. While every song on Slates self titled 12" is amazing, the stand out track for me has to be Dirty Water (although Golden Leaves comes in a close close second). It's the kind of song you turn up really loud while hanging out with your friends on a hot summer day.

10. Stalwart Sons - Northern Lights
Did I say my friends make the best music in the world already? Well, Stalwart Sons is further proof of this. Their 12" serves as a beautiful love letter to growing up on the prairies, as Canadian as a Bay Blanket, Frozen pond hockey or the CBC. It was tough to pick one song, but I guess I'll just say Northern Lights, although it could just as well be Flags & Bells, Wisdom Teeth or Book of Hours. Tough call.

So that's it, a completely biased list of songs steeped heavily in nepotism. ;) Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Soul Emigre - 2001-2003 7"

A long long, time ago in a punk house basement far, far away existed a band called the Wolfnote. They toured Canada and the States extensively leaving a trail of sweaty, destroyed kids along their way. Although the 'note is long since dead, remnants of their travels poke their head to the surface every once in a while....this time in form of a obscure screamo 7". A pal who played in the Wolfnote brought this over the other day saying he bought in Reno at a house show. So huge thanks to him!

So basically the story about Soul Emigre goes like this (and forgive me if I'm wrong). A gent from the Netherlands traveled to Reno to visit friends and while there, he started a band with a local punk rocker. They jammed some songs, had a good time, and he headed back home. Feeling like they had made great progress, the Reno resident decided to pay the Netherlands a visit and finish what had been started state-side. They enlisted a third member, jammed, played some shows around Europe and recorded two 7" records, including the one posted here. 2001-2003 was put out on Spacement Records in Reno, from what I can tell is a collective kids that live in a house together, play in bands together, book shows and release records. Livin' the dream. The cover is hand spray-painted, and the whole record, music and art, is a beautiful testament to the power of punk rock and friendship.

Anyways, this is a pretty gnarly emo record. It's a bit dated sounding at times with the screaming/singing/screaming and the lyrics can sometimes across as a bit cheeseball...but all in all super enjoyable and fun. The singer actually sounds a lot like one of the guys from the Blood Brothers. You can hear the mid-90's screamo influences a lot, as well as a bit of early 2000's hardcore. The end of Broadway definitely reminds me of stuff that I was in love with 10 years ago and ...we want flowers is a total banger of an emo track

It's a great find and something that won't likely be in a lot of collections. A quick Google search seems to show that the record is still available in some mailorders, but I'm not sure how reliable it is.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Creeper - Exhaustion 7"

Merry X-Mas from your pals in Creeper! Found this little gem sitting in my inbox yesterday from Braeden, Creeper's guitarist and resident beardo. While this is definitely heavier than the stuff I usually post, I couldn't pass this up. This band is just too good.

I was lucky enough to play with Creeper in Toronto on the Gift Eaters/Red Hot Daggers tour and again when they came through Edmonton and they definitely showed us a good time both times. This 7" is heavy as hell, super pissed off, and makes you truly believe that these 4 dudes just might know how to bring on the end of the world. Download this RIGHT NOW if you're into Cursed, Wolfgoat, Surroundings or Black Ships. If you can get your hands on this 7" just do it, support Canadian hardcore! We have one of the raddest scenes in the world!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Forming - S/T 7"

OH SHIT! Like usual, I get busy and GGS suffers. Sorry all. I started a new job a few weeks back and have been slowly but steadily getting my life organized again. Regular posting should commence soon.

Well it finally happened...winter! And not that "Oh no it's -10° and there's 2cm of snow on the grass" but the "Holy fuck there's 45cm EVERYWHERE and it's -50° with a windchill." Luckily I have the cure! The best way to feel better about life when you're enduring sub zero deep freezes? Summer jams!!

I honestly bought this record after the following recommendation, "Hey you're the guy who likes 90's indie rock and emo right? Buy this! The song 'Hate My Guts' is this years most serious summer jam." Boy were they right! Forming, featuring members of Ghostlimb, plays fun as hell, sing-along punk rock songs reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. or Dag Nasty with a bit more of an indie rock slant. I don't know much what else I can say about this 7". It's a lot of fun, makes you feel great, and the songs will get stuck in your head for days. 5 months later and I'm still rocking these songs all the time and I never get sick of it.

The artwork and printing on this record is super nice. Everything on Vitriol is amazingly put together and definitely worth adding to your collection. Buy it here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kevin Rips: The Marato - Dirty Stories

"I'm free when I dance, so let's dance! Motherfuckin' dance!"

A long-time totheteeth/tothehilt tour favourite, The Marato's one and only EP "Dirty Stories" released by the still largely unappreciated (as a label, at least) Blue Skies Turn Black - and yet, after all this time, a very much under-appreciated and unheralded recording. But that's what I am about to do - HARKEN ALL! The Marato were amazing. The Marato hailed from Montreal, and produced some of the finest dancey post-punk/post-hardcore I've ever heard. I dug this EP out again recently, and was flooded with fond memories of singing along to these songs driving into sunsets on the way to Saskatoon.

I would liken them to a significantly superior Despistado, and I would guess they've listened to their fair share of Wooden Stars or early North of America back in the day. I feel as though one could draw a direct line from The Marato to bands like Whiskey Priest and Hey Predator! - That would give you some impression of what we're dealing with, but it certainly doesn't do certain justice to the jams. 6 songs, and each and everyone is mixtape worthy (and has likely ended up on many a mixtape from myself). The guitars noodle around each other in the most unlikely ways, while the rhythm keeps things solid and upbeat.Though the songs are rather mathy and obtuse, the hooks are profound, and the impression it leaves is lasting. Perhaps, I'm not doing justice to this recording. Let me just say that this record meant a great deal to me at one point, and even after near decade after its release, it still holds up.

Still available for a most reasonable price right here.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The First Annual Gonnagetsued Winter Mix-Off

So a few weeks ago our good pal and frequent poster Aaron suggested that we have a Winter Mix-Off. The rules were simple. Create a 8-15 song mix tape that represented winter to you, whether it was through lyrical content, song vibe, or title. Each mix would be voted on by the readers of this blog and the person who received the least votes would have to write and record an original song about winter. (Yikes!!) So here we go.

Kevin: Mix For a Winter's Night
To choose a song for a winter mix, one would need to have either "winter" in song title, lyrical content and/or over-all wintery sound & feel. For the most part, I tried to hit all three criteria for every song - this is a competition after all. Yes, it might be cheap to throw on the Christmasiest Christmas song ever (Vince Guaraldi), but there's so little Christmas themed music that doesn't fully cause one to cringe in pain but rather evoke joy and legitimately the feeling of winter. With regards to the Canadianess of the mix, I suppose that truly few countries have any real understanding of winter and therefore would be unable to evoke that sentiment in song, and thus this mix is made up nearly entirely of Canucks - two of which are recorded by close Albertan friends (Brady Funchner and Jason Warden aka First Punic War) - again, only an Albertan could truly set down winter (a real Albertan winter) in song. Some of these evoke certain memories of winter's past for me. I have a very distinct memory of driving to Fernie on a whim and ended up in total white-out conditions, rolling around mountain passes unable to see 5 feet ahead and blaring both the Rick White and the Unintended albums - those could very well be the coldest records ever put to tape, and hearing them conjures those memories above and send chills down my neck. Ideally this is a driving mix, to listen to while staring through little a little square hole scraped from the windshield, mitts grasping the wheel, and the heaters on defrost full-blast.

Let's all be glad the winter is here.
ps. As if writing a winter song could ever be punishment, I recorded my winter song regardless and included it. I didn't want to be the victor and yet still lose, to not have the chance to set one down.

pps. - the songs also organized in what I felt was the narrative flow of the songs, beginning now in November and ending towards Christmas. ;)

Aaron: J'aime l'hiver
Unsilent Storms in the North Abyss - Immortal
No true winter mix is complete without kicking it off with some evil black metal. Immortal is one of those bands that I’m borderline obsessed with because I find them so funny, but also so incredibly appropriate for winter jams. Go for a drive on some prairie grid roads in -50 weather blasting this shit and fantasize about building snowmen with human heads.

First Day of Winter - Screechin Weasel
An unwritten rule for mixes: The first track has to be a banger. The second track has to be equally as pumping. And nothing gets me more stoked on life than Ramones rip-off music. Fun fact: Ben Weasel has written a “First Day of...” song for every season.

Jesus Christ - Big Star
Take lyrics from any church hymnal and they won’t be nearly as glorious as this 1974 ode to the Son of God. R.I.P. Alex Chilton.

Long Cold Lonely Night - The Yolks
Uppity garage rock which will put a skip in your step as you’re walking home from the bus stop, only to make you realize you’re trudging to an empty house to sit in the dark and drink hot chocolate by yourself.

Snowsuit Sound - Sloan
Memories are precious and I sure hope everyone has at least a few of being bundled up by their mother and sent out to into a winter’s afternoon full of hope and adventure. How does one even begin to describe that “snowsuit sound”?

Homo Christmas - Pansy Division
My favourite Christmas track. Bask in the FABULOUS irreverence of this gem.

The Snow Road - The Fjords
Slowing it down a bit with this incredible stoner-blues jam from Saskatoon’s The Fjords. This band is extremely underrated and should have toured more.

November - Christie Front Drive
Picking it up a bit with a song that takes me back to cute memories like holding hands on winter walks with a girlfriend. Also takes me back to other less cute memories...like weird winter break ups.

The Winter Wheel - Art Bears
70’s avant-garde always seems to rudely interrupt any flow a mix might have, which is hilarious to me. The lyrics to this song make me think of my grandparents’ farm and how excited I was at the prospect of so much snow in such a wide open space!

Snowed In - Joel Plaskett Emergency
Out of Plaskett’s massive collection of songs, this is the closest to what Thrush Hermit would have sounded like had they stayed together. Some of the best mornings I’ve had are finding out that the university is closed because of snow. PARTY TIME!

Andrew: Winter Sucks...Sort Of
I wanted my mix to represent my love/hate relationship with winter. Growing up in Alberta puts you against some pretty extreme weather...at times it's beautiful, at other times it makes you want to curl up and die. This is a musical timeline of winter for me.

It's Going To Be A Cold Winter - Ceremony
This song is like hearing the weatherperson say the forecast calls for snow. It's how I feel when I have to clean up the dog shit in the yard, put away my bike, and hang up my beat up hole riddled vans in preparation for the long cold winter that is coming.

Snow Falls In November - Julie Doiron (OH NO! We were bound to have at least one repeat)
Despite the initial rage I feel towards the season, the first snowfall is beautiful and you can't help but feel a bit in love with everything that morning you wake up and see the world covered up.

Make This A Holiday - Small Brown Bike
The great thing about winter in Edmonton is everyone goes into slight hibernation and makes beautiful music. You see your friends at basement shows and hall shows and everything is awesome. This is a song about winter friends. (Thanks Mark!)

Winter Wonderland - Cap'n Jazz
Christmas is coming! The most terrifying/weird/hilarious Christmas song ever recorded. Had to be included.

Tyco Racing Set And A Christmas Story Fifteen Times - Kind of Like Spitting
A great song about how INSANSE Christmas can make me feel. Too many people, too many family dinners, just pure craziness for a solid week. (My family really isn't nearly as bad as the one in this song is made out to be)

Merry Boxing Day - The Rocky Fortune
Boxing Day deserves it's own carol too.

New Year's Day - Waxwing
Good cover by Waxwing. Maybe not that lyrically appropriate, but still a great wintery jam and season specific.

She Has A Cold, Cold Heart - Orchid
This song makes me feel like I'm being buried alive. The weird muffled piano, the strange noise at the end...it's just awesome.

Nuclear Winter Wonderland - In/Humanity
Yeah...at this point I'm pretty tired of winter. Getting a little pissed.

Out for Blood - YDI
Fuck this season. When is summer coming?

The Longest Winter - Pedro The Lion
At peace with it. Winter's long, but I'll survive. Also, is it really a mix without a Pedro The Lion track?

So there you have the 3 mixes. Let us know your favorite by commenting. We'll announce a winner in a few weeks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kevin Rips: Ancestors - Nightfall 7"

AB: Tiny sidenote to this post. The artwork on this 7" is an amazing piece of work done by Michael Majewski, a seriously talented Canadian poster artist who sadly passed away last year. If you can get your hands on this 7" do it, the screen printed cover alone is worth it.

Toronto's Ancestors are a whirlwind. I had the distinct privilege to play with them this last summer on the Stalwart Sons tour. We played together in the kitchen of the Bro Haus, home of the dudes from Creeper. The Bro Haus is a pretty gnarly place to begin with, but to put Ancestors in that kitchen - that's just mayhem! The floors were slick from beer and sweat, 30 people were crammed into the kitchen, dirty dishes piled high in the sink, garbage bags piled high right outside the back window, guitar strings were snapping like threads. It's a wonder the cupboards were still intact at the end of the night.

Ancestors play a sort of ripping rock-styled hardcore, much like Panthers or something like that - except Ancestors make band like Panthers seem tame by comparison. All the members of Ancestors were older dudes in their thirties, but I can only say that their age has made them wise. They know what they're doing, no tired rock cliches, no plodding softies or sing-songy vocals. Just blazing jams. And this 7" piles them high! Just one listen to the title track "Nightfall" - the vocals hoarse as they should be, the guitars that cut like saws! Riffs to cut you in half.

Limited to 300, and I believe now sadly OOP, so I really hope people will support this band and really catch on to Ancestors. If you live in the GTA, I implore you to bear witness to this band. I only wish they lived in my city so they could make my kitchen sweat and their guitars cut me in twain.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Admiral - S/T 7"

Admiral was an emo band from Pennsylvania featuring members that would go on to form notable bands such as Navio Forge and Hoover. Honestly, this 7" was a bit of a slow burner for me...I'd listen but nothing would stick out too much for me, until one day Horns Lay Silent (the second track) came on shuffle. For whatever reason it just clicked for me. It's not a groundbreaking or life changing record, but the songs are played with a lot of heart and sincerity and it just makes you feel good.

Musically think 80's hardcore/emo with super gruff vocals and a bit of a punk rock sing along vibe. Enjoyable listen through and through and definitely worth checking out if you like the DC/Dischord style.

Monday, November 15, 2010

High Jinks - S/T 7"

All the Edmonton kids will already have this, but I figured it was worth posting regardless. In my opinion High Jinks was one of the best hardcore bands to come out of Edmonton in a long time, and I feel like kids will talk about this band for years to come.

To me, this 7" represents a time in Edmonton when the scene was shifting away from the jock mentality towards (dare I say) a more thoughtful and intelligent hardcore scene. High Jinks' lyrics definitely reflected this. Songs like Violins showed disdain for a scene that was more about fighting than it was about unity. However, don't let the idea of 'thoughtfulness' lull you into thinking this record is soft. It's fast, loud and pissed off, taking cues from all facets of hardcore. Listen hard enough and you'll hear elements of 80's hardcore greats like Black Flag and Cro-Mags mixed with contemporary counterparts like Carry On or Ceremony.

Some of my favorite shows I've played or attended have been with High Jinks. The band always played harder than the kids could thrash about, and at the end it always seemed like the audience was more tired than the band, who was always up for playing a couple covers on top of their already exhausting set.

This has been out of print for over a year or so now, and will likely never seen a repress. If you own it, hang onto it. Amazing record with fantastic artwork. Marbled green vinyl and a great poster fold out insert. Rad! Members of High Jinks went on to play in Maus, Tempest and No Problems. Check it!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All Through A Life - Cities Become Ideals 7"

There's something so beautiful about purchasing a record with no idea of how it will sound. I've sort of waxed poetic about this in the past, but it still makes me so happy every time it happens. I picked this up off Damages' merch table as they shared members. The pastel soft colors and intricate design of the artwork is starkly contrasted next to Damages bold, black and white aesthetic, and you can't help picking up the 7" and inspecting it. It's on insanely heavy vinyl, and the color is this amazing translucent minty green. So basically, I'm trying to say that I was sold on the packaging before I even heard the tunes. Bought it, listened to it, loved it.

Not unlike Damages, All Through A Life is heavily influenced by DC/Dischord Hardcore and mid 90's emo records on Ebullition. The vocals are intense, a mix of desperate shouting and rambled spoken word. The instruments incredibly tight and complex, pummeling you for just under 10 minutes. This is definitely one of the better emo records to come out of Canada and definitely worth adding to your collection. Physical copies are a must of this record, I cannot stress enough how beautiful it is. Buy it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bloody Gears - S/T 7"

AB: Another punk rock selection from Mr. Scholz! Thanks!

I like a lot of unoriginal punk. I like it even more when un-original punk comes along with a slightly different and, dare I say, "fresh" twist. Combining HOT SNAKES and WIPERS influences into one hot 7”, Bloody Gears are a band to get excited about. In fact, I think they would do well to accompany SLATES on a tour. They are from Boston and have a crappy name, but a dynamite three-song release! Deranged Records put this out back in May, so you should buy it, along with everything else Deranged has put out.

Troy Snaterse - S/T

At just under 20 years of age Troy Snaterse has already been involved with more bands than most people do in their lifetime. Whether it's playing hardcore in Breakaway, emo in This Machine Is..., or pop punk in Oh Messy Life, it's super apparent that Troy is talented beyond his years. This is his latest offering, a 6 song self titled solo EP and it's fantastic.

I've had the chance to see Troy's solo act a few times and it's always such an awesome sight to see 50 hardcore kids stop and fully immerse themselves in the music. As far as the tunes goes, this is pretty no frills stuff, just a guy, his guitar and his voice. Lyrics about growing up, getting into trouble and falling in and out of love. It's beautiful in it's simplicity and honesty. I know this album won't be everyone's cup of tea, but to me it represents the amazing pool of talent that's constantly growing in this beautiful city I call my home.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mineral - February/M.D. 7"

No other band causes such a mixed bag of reactions in the emo genre than Mineral does, and rightly so. Mineral was and continues to be a pretty divisive band in the scene. Some will argue that they represent the pinnacle of midwest sappy emo rock, while others will say that bands like Mineral are what corrupted the genre and pushed it towards a more radio friendly sound. Personally I love the band. I know they're super cheesy and insanely melodramatic, but that's what I adore about it. Listening to Mineral is like being catapulted back into your 16 year old body, a time where everything is so urgent and important, despite it's obvious triviality. It's silly and you know it, but you can't help but let it wash over you.

I like all of Mineral's stuff, but I find this 7" to be the most concise and solid offering they ever put out. While the 2 full lengths may have had a bit of filler in the middle, the February/M.D. 7" is 2 really solid jams. Like most songs in their discography, both of these are slow builders filled with twinkly guitars and manic depressive whined vocals. These guys obviously had a formula and they stuck with it. I think my favorite part of this entire 7" is at 3:50 in M.D. Huge soaring melodies and harmonies. Emo gold Jerry, emo gold!

Those who hate this, really hate it, and those who love it, probably already have this, but I figured it was worth posting regardless.

Kevin Rips: Old Growth/Science of Yabra Split

This is a record that's been getting consistent play for months. You can probably figure that much out judging by the static heard on this rip (and thus, yes!, Kevin Rips are doing just that once again!). Two of the best bands from Portland throwing together two solid jams. The don't exactly share an aesthetic sound, but more a common attitude towards punk rock and hardcore. They aren't exactly playing the most timely of music, and thankfully they don't need to be. Sometimes things don't have to soar with leaps and bounds of obvious innovation and greatness, sometimes things just need to be solid and true.

Old Growth came out of the aftermath of perpetual favorites Twelve Hour Turn, one half went and formed Tubers, the other half Old Growth. While there are still some slight post-hardcore leanings going on, Old Growth are more akin with rootsy/Springsteen-like punk bands like Fake Problems or Bent Outta Shape. "Taste the Rain" has ended up on many a road-mix-tape, with the rolling harmonica and picked guitars, somehow this song just kept getting looked at again and again. Science of Yabra offer up something far more aggressive, with heavy riffage (reminiscent of Ancestors maybe, or vice-versa?). Solid split 7" from two solid bands. Through and through.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Draft Dogers - Sounds of New Kanada

AB: Kevin's gonna hate me for this one. :)

If there is one thing I know in life it's that the best music you will ever hear in your lifetime will be played by your best friends in dark, cold basements. Even if it's only been heard by a handful of kids and the only record of their existence is a xeroxed manifest and a roughly recorded tape, you will likely remember this music for the rest of your life.

Draft Dodgers were never meant to go beyond the basement. They were never meant to have a fancy recording and big tours with signed bands. They represent a brief moment in time where your entire life revolved around 17 minutes of music....and isn't that what a great album is supposed to do? I listen to this tape all the time and it still gets me the same way it did the first time I heard it. Best band. (PS. Listen to Stalwart Sons if you're not doing so already)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Colossus of Roads - s/t 7"

"Why do we try so hard?" This line rings really true and sad on this 4 song 7". Colossus of Roads, in my opinion, was one of the best bands playing modern screamo/skram in the states and seemed to be largely ignored. It's really too bad, because Colossus takes elements of Kidcrash's mathy rocking emo and mixes it with Capsules intensity and heaviness...and then proceeds to blow every band out of the water with their sound. Every song on this 7" is amazing and can stand on it's own, but together this is one intense 10 minute listen. Not sure if they are still active, and details on this release are sketchy at best. Bummer. This band should have been huge.

Thanks so much to Chris for finding this for me. I don't know why I was having such a hard time finding a rip of it. Unfortunately the rip isn't the greatest, and the level drops a few times throughout. Still an amazing album worth downloading. Also...it should be noted that this band is in no way related to the terrible Montreal band, Colossus of Rhodes. Don't bother with that band.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meneguar - I Was Born at Night

Music is more than notes and words and chords strung together to make something beautiful. It's the soundtrack to every experience and relationship you have in your life. As cornball that sounds, I really believe in it and it's for this reason I hold some records very close to my heart. Meneguar, to me, represents this really awesome time in my life when I met some of the most amazing people that I'm proud to call my friends now. This group of friends help introduce me to so much new and fantastic music. I remember spending long winter afternoons at the SnicPit just talking about music while my iPod was filled to the brim for new jams to discover. (Courtesy of Mr. Frena. Thank you sir)

Meneguar's I Was Born at Night was one record that really stood out for me during that time. I spent a good portion of that winter jamming this record on cold bus rides across town and hellish 8 hour days in front of the computer. As far as sound goes, think Brainworms' jagged yet strangely melodic guitar work, mixed with Archers of Loaf's weirdo angular indie rock and a ton of poppy goodness. All you really need to know is this is some really great indie rock with a lot of hidden complexity that shows itself after a few listens. It might not stick the first time, but I guarantee it will grow on you.

Fuck Tower - Demos

I just need to take care of a little business real quick. Firstly, I really pride myself on keeping this blog relevant and fresh, and sometimes I have a hard time finding new and interesting stuff to post. So when there is a serious lag in posts I apologize. Secondly, I just heard from MK a few days ago. He has settled nicely into his new Eastern digs and he's doing well despite his lack of internet. Posts from him will resume one day. Connect to the matrix bro.

OK...I got a gooder for your earholes today. Fuck Tower was a awesome (and young) band from Calgary. I never got to see them unfortunately, but members went on to help form Brain Fever, so if you're a fan of the feve listen up. From what I understand, they only ever recorded 3 songs and played a handful of shows...which is a damn shame. I would have loved to see this band grow...guaranteed this band would have been a powerhouse in Calgary.

As far as sound goes, I compare it to Thundrah a bit, but with less disco and more hardcore. Or Early North of America with a bit more of a dance fever. Or like...2 skinny punk kids in a basement trying to get a bunch of basketball jersey wearing bro-jocks to shake their hips instead of swing their fists. More Turkish Disco than Seeing Red. Get it?

Thanks so much to Nicholas for sending me this and letting me post it. It means a ton that people are willing to share their music.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Moving Targets - Burning in Water

It's always rad to hear a band from the 80's that I've never heard of, but have obviously been pretty influential in the kind of music I love. Moving Targets was a band from Boston that was active around the mid 80's that played a really great brand of punk similar to bands like Husker Du and The Replacements. Personally, I love this style of punk. It's poppy enough for anyone to enjoy, but has enough of an edge to keep it from being cheese-ball radio rock. Moving Targets was also heavily inspired by the DC scene going on at the time (Rites of Spring, Dischord Records, you know the drill) and you can definitely hear a bit of that, especially in songs like The Other Side (which sounds like it could be a lost Rain song) and the horn laced Shape of Somethings that almost pays tribute to Nation of Ulysses. Although Moving Targets never really achieved cult status like some of the bands around them, they no doubt helped influence the pop punk/indie scene that seemed to explode in the early 90's and you can hear their sound in bands like Seaweed and others.

Anyways, all the namedropping aside, this record is great. Rocking tunes with great hooks that will be stuck in your head for days, guaranteed. Burning In Water was originally released separately in 1986, but then repackaged and rereleased with their 1989 record Brave Noise. For all the pop punk enthusiast out there, Moving Targets' song The Other Side was also featured on a split 7" with punk juggernauts Screeching Weasel in 1988. Cool!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kevin Rips: Twelve Hour Turn - Perfect Progress, Perfect Destruction

"The difference between twelve hours and twelve years is quite unclear"

I know I'm often given to hyperbole, but this time it's the God's-honest truth. "Perfect Progress, Prefect Destruction" is one of the greatest records in existence. I can't think of a more apt title that this, because this indeed a perfect record. Starting with "water under bridges rise," the most epic of openers, you'd think that the opened with the best jam, until you get to the next one. And the next one, and the next after that. Every song is increasingly a beautiful jam.

Incredibly matched guitars, with incredibly matched and impassioned vocals. Lyrically, this album is one of the most inspiring, as it doesn't dwell on worn cliches, it is an emo record, certainly, but likely one of the realest and actually most affecting since Rites of Spring unleashed it on the world. It still sits in a well obviously influenced by Fugazi and others, but still has a definite Florida/No Idea feel to it. This is pre-Tubers, and one can see the progression from here to there, so you have some idea how it sounds. But really, the thing that makes this record so good, is simply the fact that the songs all kill. The songs rip, the vocals break at all the right spots, and they aren't afraid to let things breathe. Play hardcore slower, and let the power shine through.

Desert island record.

"Join the choir, start to sing, loud!"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fine Lines - Demo (2008)

Some bands know how to write sprawling epics and some bands just know how to write bangers. Washington, DC's Fine Lines is definitely the latter. Three minute hardcore songs with a tinge of rock and roll to keep the head nodding and the hips shaking and just enough heart to keep you emo nerds interested. Loud, sloppy and dirty, just the way it should be! Think Daniel Striped Tiger meets Hot Snakes meets Black Flag...then again, maybe not. Regardless, Fine Lines is a fun listen and worth checking out. Sadly they're done, but you can download their other release (a split with BOOST) on their Myspace.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Field Tree - Fleas in his Collar 7"

Interesting mid 90's emo record from Detroit's Fieldtree. The first time I heard this I was really into the first song (Limb). It was really chaotic and frantic, and I really dug the bass and vocals. Side B (Memories Of The World) didnt't even really sound like the same band upon first listen and for a long time I just ignored this song. However, the more I listen to it, the more I love it. The vocals remind me of a lot of midwest emo that was popular at the time, but there is still that bit of frantic urgency that the other track plays on so well. All in all a solid offering from a band that a lot of folks may not know about.

Fun Fact: This 7" was released on Canadian Label, Winter Records, which released some of Canada's more legendary hardcore bands like Chokehold and Left For Dead. How Can They Intend to Heal (the go to blog for Canadian Hardcore) has a great interview with the owner of Winter Records. Check it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bent Outta Shape - Stray Dog Town

AB: More goodness from prairie punk historian, Aaron. So stoked that he keeps sharing pieces of his huge collection. Also, I stole the above photo from this flickr. Hope that person doesn't mind! Cover Art was too small, but you can snag it here.

This is truly a punk rock record. You don’t understand the spirit of punk until you’ve heard this. It captures the very heart and soul of the genre in every off-time strum and every out-of-tune note. Very few albums like this exist in the history of music. Any time I throw it on, it always sounds to me like John Mellancamp fronting the best Replacements-inspired band in the world. If that’s not accurate enough, think of the bands that Salinas Records signs. That’s pretty close. Except Bent Outta Shape are better than all those bands.

If you enjoy songs about loving your friends, riding the bus, and thinking society is strange, this is for you. Singer/guitarist Jamie Ewing died two years ago at the age of 25 in his apartment in Brooklyn. The dude was a brilliant songwriter and I miss his presence in the music world.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wunami - Pointless Demo

Sorry things on GGS have been a bit slow lately. No real excuse other than a general lack of energy on my part. That being said, I have a few goodies to upload fairly soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Today, I have a treat for any of you post rock/metal nerds out there. Wunami is from California and play dark and heavy post rock, not unlike bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor, Caspian, or Russian Circles. The songs are long and take their time to build up, but it's always worth it when they explode out of the gates. Nothing too groundbreaking here, but definitely worth checking out. Beautiful post rock for cold winter nights.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kevin Rips: La Maladresse - s/t

I wish I had a longer history with this band. La Maladresse are proof that some of the most incredible post-hardcore in the world is made in Canada - and that Canada does not care near enough about it. Put this right beside Shotmaker and The Plan - we've got gold here.

Formed in small suburb of Quebec City, La Maladresse (loosely translated as "The Clumsiness") began in the same way so many great bands form - in isolation. Isolation due to their language in being surrounded by anglophones, isolation in their place in the country, isolation in the apparent brilliance of sound. La Maladresse produce a sound far beyond that of a duo. Saying such has become a cliche when referring to loud two-pieces, and for the most part, it is a statement that is generally completely unfounded. Maybe with the exception of Hella does a guitar and drums combo do this: absolutely blows everything and everyone away. The drums and guitar weave through each other so deftly and intricately, I'm amazed it exists. Mathy, incredible melodies, impassioned vocals - I only wish I could sing along.... or shout along, rather. I don't understand it. This album is awesome. Literally awed by it.

Stalwart Sons had the great privilege of playing La Maladresse's final show earlier this summer, and am so grateful it could have happened. I can only hope, now that we have one half of La Maladresse living in here Alberta, that we can convince La Maladresse to, at some point, play once again. And play it here.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't - Stands for ICPMABOYC

Remember that old PSA from the 80's with Astar, that snotty ass robot that would mockingly assert that he could put his arm back on, while the screen played a horrifying slideshow of kids maimed in farming accidents. Didn't you hate that dickhead? I know I did. I always just imagined some mangled kid yelling "Fuck you Astar, you can't even feel pain!" at the television screen in a grey hospital somewhere in the middle of Northern Ontario.

What does this have to do with I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't? Nothing really...just felt a desire to express my distaste for that jerk. Arm Back On play pissed off, angular punk rock in the vein of bands like Shellac, Fugazi and The Jesus Lizard. Songs about sex, politics, murder, and optometry make this record feel incredibly anxious and uncomfortable.

The packaging on this album is beautiful. Great looking typography, nice rich colors, great paper stock. You know, the kind of things that make nerds like me foam at the mouth. If that wasn't enough, the lyric sheet is a 6 panel fold out, glued to the inside of the digipak with lyrics, credits and even song structures so you can play along...I guess. Nice looking stuff. I'm not a huge CD collector anymore (don't even own a CD player) but this is worth having in the collection for sure. Pick it up here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day in Black & White - My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys

So we just passed our 100th post last week, so I figured it was time for an overhaul of the site. Just make it look a little nicer and cleaner. Hopefully everyone digs.

I was hanging out with some pals this weekend and they both mentioned they had never heard A Day in Black & White's first full length 'My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys" so I figured it was worth posting. It's probably pretty easy to find online, but I really dig this record a lot. If you're familiar with their second full length Notes, be prepared for a bit of a surprise. Instead of short rocking post punk jams, Heroes is full of slow building and explosively frantic post rock. Honestly, I've heard people say that this album wears it's Godspeed influence on it's sleeve a bit too much, but I love it. It's no frills, no bullshit kind of music, and even the songs that are 6 minutes plus don't feel that way. It takes all the fear and suffocating density of Godspeed and combines it with the viciousness of City of Caterpillar or Funeral Diner. Six years later, this continues to be one of my favorite records.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shoppers - Demo

*Actual demo is called "You shot me and I woke up in my next life"

Quick and short one for today. I found Shoppers while looking for the Merchandise tape on Drugged Conscience. The name of the demo intrigued me so I did some digging. I managed to find their 3 song demo. It's roughly recorded and only 7 minutes long (all 3 songs on one track) but really great. Fuzzed out 90's female fronted indie rock mixed with just the right amount of pop punk and hardcore. Really digging this stuff right now, hope you will too. Order it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kicking Spit - Psychrockbullshit

Kicking Spit, from New Jersey, is rad. You would know that if you were at the free show they played in Edmonton about a month back....except you weren't. No one was, (ok maybe not NO ONE, but the turnout wasn't great for how stacked the bill was) which is a damn shame, because this band KILLED me and everyone there that night. Take everything you love about 80's hardcore, and mix it in a blender with Husker Du and Dinosaur Jr. and you've got a pretty good idea of what Kicking Spit sounds like. Tons of over the top guitar solos, melodic shouted/sang vocals, and a rhythm section that keeps the 15 minute record grooving along nicely. Serious summer jams.

One of my favorite things about this band is you could tell they generally just loved being at shows and on tour. There was no sitting in the back of the hall looking bored from these 3. They were up front for every band singing along to every cover and looked stoked to see every band on the bill. It made me really happy. Kicking Spit is the real deal, good dudes, good band. Support them. Buy this record (On vinyl or tape) from them here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kevin Rips: Brainworms - Cassette

"Here it is / What I miss / It's not a time / It's not a place / It's a mind and a heart"

The sadly now defunct, but eternally great Brainworms!

I managed to finally rip this tape, so I can show it to everyone, and not just the people who ride in my car. Now I've been stoked on this band for a long time. I heard their demo a long while ago, and I soon managed to track down everything else. It's pretty unique sounding stuff, somewhere amidst post-hardcore, post-punk and indie rock - it's all pretty hard to place exactly where they're coming from; the guitars blaze, but there's a sort of pop-punk/skate element going on there, as if they grew up on Dag Nasty or something, but it's all still pretty technical, but the drumming never needs to really get too crazy. And the whole thing is unique partucularly because of Brainworms' "singer" - which isn't exactly singing, but more like gruffly rambling out personal stories and anecdotes.

This tape collects all the 7" tracks from their splits with the Catalyst, Dynamite Arrows and, a favourite of mine, Tubers - a track from which has Brainworms killer cover of Rites of Spring's For Want Of. The tape also contains two other versions of tracks that don't appear anywhere else - Lottery Balls and Whatever, This is How You Get Famous - though, Lottery Balls got rerecorded on II. Confusing? Yeah, totally, but that 's why I'm here to be a nerd and get the knowledge for you. The demo and the live set (packaged together as Which is Worse) and their final album II: Swear to Me are all definitely worth tracking down. But I think this tape collects the best stuff. And I think the jam is probably the exclusive Whatever, This is How You Get Famous - though I'm certain Winnie Cooper has been on a fair number of mixtapes. Or maybe the brilliant use of Trashin' samples on Art Thou Bored. BAH! There's just too much good for one cassette to contain.. but it does!

One Hundred Words for Snow - s/t 7"

AB: Got another post from our Saskatoon pal, Aaron!

I do this thing during the fall season where I strap on my awesome Sony studio headphones, bundle myself up really well and go for long walks with my iPod. I’m very selective with what I listen to during these special times and nothing comes as close to championing my ears as One Hundred Words for Snow’s self-titled 7” EP. Anyone who loves wimpy emo anthems about girls, growing up and general teenage feelings, let this release become your new idol. It contains the perfect amount of poor quality, ripe with sloppiness and nervous vocals, which make them sound a lot like Mineral or early Filmmaker.

For a long time, little was known about the band except for those who actually had a chance to see them live or participate in the scene they were acquainted with in Southern California during the mid-‘90s. Lately, there have been better bio write-ups as well as some video footage that has surfaced only within the last two years of some of their shows, which included them in opening slots for Jimmy Eat World, Knapsack, Jejune, and Far. They did two splits after this EP as well as submitted a single for a compilation, but none of that is nearly as good as this 3-song 7”.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Merchandise - S/T

I've been sitting on this one for a while. It's not hard to find, and any fan of Cult Ritual will have probably downloaded this off their blog already...but I figured it was worth spreading around.

Merchandise is from Tampa, FL and plays post-hardcore, post-punk, whatever. Honestly, the first time I heard this I thought it was total bullshit...but the more I listened, the more I got it. These guys are taking back a genre that has been demonized, bastardized, and generally fucked with by bar star bands and terrible "punk" media. It's catchy as hell and the band isn't messing around, these are tight jams played by really talented musicians. Oddly enough, it all still feels like an obscure punk rock record. Trust me...it doesn't make any sense.

The bass tone on this record is CRAZY good and really moves this record along nicely. The opener track "I'm Still Right" is perfection in my books with it's slow meandering drum and bass groove...I've even grown to love the last minute or so where it turns into a banging rock and roll song. The vocalist has this great wail that would fit nicely in any radio friendly "emo rock" band, but manages to not sound like he's in a band like that. Make sense? Probably not....like I said, this band doesn't make any sense to me. A lot of you will likely hate it, but I urge you to give it a shot. There are some solid songs on this 6 song EP. Snag it from Drugged Conscience.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grow Weaker - Demo

Grow Weaker is another mystery band (forgive me for starting every post in this manner!) but what a mystery they are. Admittedly I didn't give them much of a listen...so much so that I cannot recall where I downloaded this record. I can't even find information on the band or the original blog I downloaded it from after nearly an hour of googling. All I could find was a blank myspace for a band in Poland.

I can't even really explain this demo, but I'll try my best. It's really noisy and dark, and at times has a very straightforward hardcore vibe to it...but under it all of beats the heart of an emo band. The guitar is doing some really weird stuff that I can only describe as (sorry purists) skrammy and the vocals are desperate and frantic. The band dwells on these quiet-ish parts that give this album a lot of breathing room, despite being incredibly chaotic and dense. It's definitely a punishing 10 minutes of music.

I really wish I knew more about Grow Weaker, or even had more to say about it. Download it and give it a chance. I definitely slept on it for too long...and now I can't get enough of it. If anyone has any information on this band, please let me know, I'd love to obtain this cassette.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Solemn League - The Beach/The Burden 7"

"It makes me want to run!"

I finally flipped the cords around on the backside of my stereo, so expect many new Kevin rips, with many things that don't exist on the internet thus far. That's the whole point right? And I figured I should start it all off with this 7" from Solemn League.

Solemn League are from Germany, and are a part of that same scene I've mentioned previous. There must be something in the water there, because there are at least a half dozen bands who consistently release some of the best new post-hardcore stuff anywhere in the world. I knew of them already from their split with Kids Explode, which was alright, but kind of a disappointment from both bands. But nevertheless it was good enough to give them a second chance, and I figured I should get this 7" mail-ordered all the way from Europe.

The A side "The Beach" is a mid-tempo mover, with spoken vocals, picked chords and standard rhythms. But the definite jam is "The Burden" - a slow sort-of groover. Just the decending discordant chords from the two guitars; it's a beautiful thing. A mix-tape track for sure. These songs might be just be a little too influenced by the mid-90's emo-indie-rock like Braid or Promise Ring or something like that (at least for my liking), but I think these songs stray from the cheesiness that so often occurs, and at the very least don't sound dated. It's like if dudes from Kids Explode or Shokei wanted to let things breathe a little more. Spin it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Minivan Halen - s/t 7"

I struggled with putting this album up. On the one hand I think this record is still in print and fairly easy to get your hands on, but on the other hand, I believe the band is inactive and more people need to hear this! So yeah...hopefully I'm not stepping on any toes with this post.

Admittedly I bought this 7" because of the North of America connection but to say they sound anything like Norts would be misguided. Minivan Halen plays loud, pissed off hardcore. The kind of music that makes you want to put Black Flag on the stereo and go nuts in your living room. The kind of record that makes you want to quit your shitty job and go on tour forever.

By the way, this 7" is still available through the House Party Records distro so go order it! It's only $5 and totally worth it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Turnkey - Self Titled 7"

Turnkey is another band that falls into the "super awesome and I know nothing about them" category. From what I've read Turnkey contains members of Christie Front Drive and Amber Inn, and acts as the predecessor to both those bands. From what I found this came out as a 7" in 1993 on Titanic Records, although googling Titanic records turns up 2 different labels, one is home to an artist named Technoboy and the other apparently specializes in "Early Music and Period Instrumental Music". So I didn't have much luck actually tracking down a physical copy of this. Bummer.

Turnkey sounds like they would fit nicely on the Dischord roster. Jagged and noisy but with these great hints of 90's pop rock melody. The bass is great on this awesome. It has that definitive revolution summer sound to it and really drive the songs along, leaving room for sparse guitar parts that twinkle at times, and explode in a flurry of distortion and feedback at others. Anyways, great record that really left me wanting more from this band. I think if they had released this album in 1985 it would be considered an absolute classic...but for now it's probably sitting collecting dust in record store bargain bins across the American midwest. Shame.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Illuminati - Demo

A mysterious band named after a shadowy secret society sent to me by a donor who wished to remain anonymous? Sign me up!! This is what I love about punk rock. These relatively unknown bands playing kick ass music that maybe 500 people on this planet have heard. Definitely a cool feeling. I seriously don't know ANYTHING about this band, and googling illuminati turns up conspiracy theories and metal....and Tom Hanks. If you know where Illuminati is from or anything about them, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Anyways, based on the song titles and the vocals I'm assuming this band is from Spain. It has a definite European screamo/punk vibe to it with a bit more of a rocking straight forward style. Super cool. Vocally it sounds alot like Birds & Wires, musically think Raein meets 12XU....or La Quiete meets Hot Snakes. Don't take either of those descriptions too seriously though. Anyways, really cool record that I can almost guarantee a lot of people haven't heard.

Kevin Rips: Envy - All the Footprints...

AB - Full album name is "All the Footprints You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead"

I know this one isn't exactly obscure, especially for a Kevin Rips, but since they've got a new record coming out (that sounds disturbingly like Grade, as one friend unfortunately had to point out) I wanted to show exactly the point where Envy shone. A friend and I just saw Red Sparrowes and were yawning through the whole set. Somehow Envy came up, and he mentioned how he thought they sucked or something - owing mostly to knowledge of their most recent output. I had to call him crazy. But then again, he had never heard All the Footprints You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead - Envy's clear-cut masterpiece.

Envy hail from Tokyo Japan, and I would almost deign to say that Envy are my favorite Japanese band, and this album is the proof - and believe me, I love a lot of Japanese bands. Most of their earlier records are pretty much unremarkable hardcore, still pretty good stuff, but most purely for the completist, while much of their more recent stuff, such as that released on Temporary Residence, has been aptly leaning closer to the post-rock vein. Again, solid, but still mostly for the completist. All the Footprints You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead is their masterpiece, finding the perfect middle ground between hardcore and post-rock. This sounds like a bad idea combining the two, and for most bands, it is - but somehow Envy found the perfect combo. I don't know how they did, but they did. The drums are epic, the riff soaring, and the vocals, even without knowing Japanese, affecting and incredibly passionate.

I'd talk about specific songs by name, but the copy of this album I have is the Japanese version. But in that third song... geez, how did they do it? With the shifting rhythms, epic to crushing to triumphant. And that drum fill 2 minutes into track 9 is one of the greatest things ever! And for whatever reason, this album just sticks out being more memorable than their others. More interesting chord changes, killer riffs, even the translations of the lyrics on this one are a little more literate and powerful. This album still gives me chills.

Monday, August 23, 2010


One of my all time favourites! Meaning "gods wounds", Zounds were formed in 1977 and lasted until 1982. They released numerous Ep's and one remastered CD, which included all of their collected work. They occasionally reform for benefit shows.

This band is arguably one of the most influential anarcho punk bands, and in my opinion, the most aurally enjoyable. Their sound was unique and has never been quite replicated, especially inside the punk community.

Although they're very popular in certain circles, I don't feel they get the respect they deserve. Affiliated acts: Crass, The Mob, The World Service, Blyth Power

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Year of No Light-Nord

Sorry for the long delay!

Year of no Light are France's gift to the world of post-metal/hardcore. If you took bands like Isis and Neurosis and added a healthy amount of Amenra, you would get YONL. Definitely one of my favourites in the genre.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Secret Fires - I Only Want What I Can't See

OK....I have an admission to make. I never really paid attention to Edmonton's Secret Fires. Why? BECAUSE I'M A BIG FUCKING DUMMY! Do you like Slates? Do you like The Wolfnote? Yeah? Then you like this band! I wasn't even really sure if it was kosher to put this up, but seeing as they're broken up and giving the CD away like candy, I figured it was cool. Rock and Roll for kids who grew up on The Replacements, Black Flag, and Husker Du. (See also: Punk Rock for kids who grew up on Thin Lizzy and K-Rock)

Seriously, if you don't have this get on it. Radness abound. Like usual, I'm probably the only one who slept on this band....hell I even played with them and don't remember being rocking out like I should have been. So it goes I guess.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Luck of Aleia - Six Songs

Found this record randomly on one of my monthly download overdoses. It's pretty rad. Poppy 90's indie rock with just the right amount of that sweet midwest emo sound. Sort of reminds me of old Jimmy Eat World and Braid. I keep reading comparisons to Mineral, but to be honest I don't hear it.
Anyways, check it out if you're into the following things:
1. Sappy Emo Rock.
2. Teen movies about bumbling high school nerds who are secretly the coolest dudes ever.
3. Flannel shirts tied around your waist.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

12 Aullidos - S/T

Spain really has the crusty screamo genre on lockdown! 12 Audillos is a record I've been debating putting up for a while just because it's not a style of music I know or listen to very often. Regardless I'm really digging it. I don't know too much about this band, but it sort of reminds me Orchid and Reversal of man, but way more vicious and violent sounding. I don't usually like to do this, but I'm just going to quote their write up on last.fm because it sums this band up pretty perfectly.

"Too heavy to be tagged screamo, too all over the place and drawn out in composition to have the concise impact of power-violence, and too modern and freaky in attack to be labeled simply “hardcore”"

Anyways, check this out. It's really rad!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kevin Rips: Antilles/Staph Split

It's exciting to find THAT band. Often, those of us writing for this blog feel as if we've heard everything. Much of the bands playing this genre, while awesome, nevertheless are playing the same styles we've been hearing since the early 90's. But with Antilles, I found something unexpected, and incredibly memorable. And I'm going to be the first to say it right now - Antilles are THE best post-hardcore/emo/whatever band of the past year. Maybe I'll regret that statement later - but I've let this band breathe, let it sit and come back to it, but they're still as exciting as ever. I bought this record on a whim when I ordered the 1994! records - I do that often when ordering records; I check out the rest of the roster. The Antilles myspace sounded good, so I decided to try this - and it's pretty much the best thing I've done in the last while. After giving this 7" a thorough listen, I immediately tracked down every other release of theirs. Every one's a winner, but I started with this 7", and you may as well start here too.

Antilles are from Ohio - I can only deduce that the seclusion they face there has only fueled them to rise above, much in the same way that sort of thing is happening here in Alberta. The Antilles side opens with a blistering riff, falls into a slow mess and then into something altogether incredible. I guess what really sets this band apart is just how distinct and memorable each song is. They aren't retreading another band's steez, they aren't playing the same old song - they're making the most unique and emotional music I've heard in a long while.

The Staph side is pretty awesome as well. It's just over seven minutes and the song moves through sludgy guitars, sailing riffs, screamed break-downs, speedy drums - this song is all over the place. It rules. Were it backed by another song from another band I would probably be ranting about it. But that Antilles side would overshadow anything.

Antilles are the find. Antilles are IT.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


An exclusive track from Be Murda, it's as fresh as a Golden Delicious and you're not gonna find it anywhere other than gonnagetsued. Definitely not the sort of thing that I normally post but this isn't something to pass up.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ghosts of a Modern Man - Everyone Is As...

*Note: This record's full name "Everyone is as Terrified as you are" and when it was first released the band was known as Pillar.

Regina punk rock channeling Shellac, Drive Like Jehu, and Fugazi?!?! Why wasn't this my favorite band EVER when I was a teenager? Oh yeah, I was too busy listening to pop punk and chasing girls. I need a time machine so I can go back in time and smack 17 year old AB right upside the head! Yeah...this record is killer!

FemBots - Small Town Murder Scene

It's been raining for what seems like weeks in this city. Everything is drenched, cold, and it feels strangely like winter is on it's way despite being mid-July. In celebration (or defiance) of these cold dark days I've been listening to a lot of folky-indie rock...which for whatever reason is one of my pre-hibernation routines every fall.

One record I come back to time and again is FemBots' Small Town Murder Scene. Hailing from Toronto, FemBots are a weirdo alt-country/indie rock that relies heavily on noise, found recordings and junk instruments. Small Town Murder Scene is such a lush sounding record. You can hear the strings buzz against the guitar's frets at times and hear the band sing and shout as if they're in the room with you. Tempo's are set with the sound of a ticking clock and eerie singers that have long since passed croon over top of single droning organ notes. Pianos echo and shake the snares on the drum set and police sirens provide ambiance and noise under blues riffs. In a way it's a total trainwreck of over the top ideas and pretentiousness, but for me it sounds distinctly Canadian, beautiful and perfect.