Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scrapbooker - Discography (so far)

I feel like I've had to defend Scrapbooker a lot. Straight up, lyrically they're offensive. But (and I hope I'm right) I feel they're doing something more than simply spewing violence. Part of their performance is to take on the voice of an exploitative police officer or a rapist or something like that - like an actual voice of horror - and just displaying it. OR I could be just way off. It's kind of like the Chicago noise-rock stuff from years ago. The things David Yow or Steve Albini spewed in their bands were pretty anti-social, but definitely an intriguing listen. I feel like Scrapbooker do something similar. I don't know if I feel good about what they do. The way they do it is definitely not the way I would go about it, but they definitely do challenge the listener. They've challenged me, and that doesn't happen often at all. But that's the thing, all that ambiguity makes them dangerous. Scrapbooker are the one band that's really restored that sense of DANGER to punk rock in Alberta. With all this down-tuned posturing going on, Scrapbooker are the ones that are actually making scary music. Because, (straight up) sonically they're incredible. A Scrapbooker show could be a disaster. Things could get broken, people hurt. Sean hits his drums harder than any band I've ever seen (no hyperbole), so half the time I expect the drums to be disintegrated by the end of the set.

Maybe we shouldn't be friends, maybe I should be more discerning. They probably are a bad influence in my life.

Find all their stuff, self-released, on bandcamp.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Long Weekends – Warmer Weather

Another great Bandcamp find for today. Seriously bands, if you're not on that site already, get on it. Myspace is dead and networking is for the idiot bands still trying to "make it".

Long Weekends are another band coming out of one of my favorite scenes, Halifax. Much like most Haligonian bands, Long Weekends have that pop sound on lock. Seriously, what is the water? How do all these bands write the catchiest hooks? These 4 tracks have a bit of a garagey feel with really nicely fuzzed out bass and jangly guitars. The songs are given a lot of breathing room, and songs like Quarter Sticks sort of amble along at their own surfy-esque, summery pace. The vocals on this 4-song release are so catchy and fun and you'll definitely be humming these jams all day. I can't really say too much else. This band is just super cool!

As far as I can tell this has never seen a proper physical release which is a shame, but thankfully the band is sharing these tracks for free on their bandcamp. Artwork is done by the always amazing Yorodeo, one of the coolest screenprint/design teams in Canada. Seriously...look at it. It's amazing!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reprobates - Stress 7"

It’s been a long while since I’ve contributed anything to GGS, so I would like to make up for it by gifting ya’ll with Reprobates. I lose my marbles every time I listen to this absolutely underrated band, which is usually when I’m biking by the downtown bars and jerks try to get up in ma grill. No conversation about Canadian hardcore should be undertaken without mentioning the brief existence of Reprobates, a Torontonian five-piece. Aside from a few contributions to various compilations, they only released a whopping eight-minute 7” EP through No Way Records and were the finest of bands amongst the many who continually reach back to emulate the trashiness and speed of 80’s hardcore, but in a way better than most. Very fierce and a complete rager!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Polina - s/t 7"

I had a hard time making this post, purely because I wanted to do it justice. First of all, it's no secret that I'm not a fan off noodle-y hardcore. So much of modern skramz (and yes, we can use that term now - it's been co-opted, bands legitimately identify themselves under that banner, it is now an identifiable style) draws from that, especially those hailing from North America, and these bands producing this stuff, while entirely dept and skillful, lack a rolling cohesion, lack that motion of spirit that should be apparent to anyone who listens to music like this. Ask me who I'm talking about in person. ~ Let me just say, Polina are miles above their contemporaries. They do indeed finger across the fret board, but the melodies are present, the rhythms are catching, vocals do not grate. Yeah, it's timely. But they're good. The music they make is real.

I had the great privilege of catching Polina play in an intense punk garage in their hometown of St. John's. Their thin moustached bravado was matched only by the graffiti on the walls. They were kind enough to take me to the ocean the next day, and watched nonchalantly as I was attacked by waves. We handbilled bros at the stadium where NOFX was playing. Chongos as far as the eye could see. Polina didn't care about that crap. They played again that night and killed it.

What you need to know: Polina are punker than NOFX.

Grab the tracks from the new 7" (or the rest of their jams) off their bandcamp and/or roll on over to Anteduvia and snag a physical copy along with other great stuff.
(From their bandcamp)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Logs - Hogz

Alright, here's the deal. These songs are in no way difficult to find, in fact a quick google search will find it on a number of blogs, but since it's likely this album will never see a proper physical release, I figured it wouldn't hurt to have it up another blog.

Logs hail from Portland, OR, features members of Kidcrash and Carrion Spring, and play a style of emo fairly similar to their other projects. Post-hardcore with a bit of a mathy vibe...lots of quick time changes and start-stop rhythms. I think why I'm so drawn to these guys is their reliance on Shotmaker-esque bass lines. It gives the music a burly and pummeling quality which I sort of feel a lot of bands in this scene have lost. The riffs are angular and off kilter, but hooky enough to keep you bobbing your head (see: Track 3 - 1:30!!!!). In all honesty, the emo/skramz/post-hardcore scene that is so popular in the states right now has been producing some fairly lacklustre bands of late, so it's really refreshing to hear a record that actually gets me excited for a change. It's a shame this band is likely dead.

As much as I'd like to say support this band and buy their stuff, it's almost impossible to find their first 7" in physical form and like I said before, these 8 songs have never been formally released anywhere. I've heard rumblings of Denovali releasing a 12" but I doubt it'll happen. So for now, download, enjoy and share.