Sunday, February 26, 2012

Plate Six - Battle Hymns For A New Republic

Plate Six were from Alabama and had a really rad sound that I'm having trouble describing. Post hardcore with the thoughtfulness and restraint of Sinaloa, the burly machismo of Ancestors/Town Ship, and maybe a bit of Enablers-esque meandering and I think you've got a pretty good description of Plate Six. I actually wasn't super sold on this band on first listen. The vocals have this gruff hard rock twang to them which was off-putting at first, but soon meld with the music so perfectly. Plate Six manage to come across aggressive without falling into the usual cliches that can really break a band with this sound.

By the way, I downloaded this album from the amazing blog Forget The Radio. The guy who runs that blog knows a ton about mid 90s emo and indie rock and I always find something I've never heard. One of my fave blogs. Check it out.


  1. their first LP, Operation: Chair Sit, is solid as fuck, too, and has a PJ Harvey cover, "Reeling", which is better than the original. Brad, the drummer, and David, who played guitar and sang, now are in the Broken Letters.

  2. a friend of mine just sent me this link. THANKS for the kind words and making it possible to download Battle Hymns! the members of Plate Six have a brand new band called DROVES, and our record will be available later this week via DROVES.ORG

    Darryl (from Plate Six)