Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shahman - 7"s

First off, huge apologies on the radio silence from us here at Goona Get Sued. We've been busy beavers - what with Ghost Throats, Sled Island, mini-tours, 5 bands, labels stuff, one of us is a papa, not to mention both Andrew and I are working hard on finishing up bands' new LPs - needless to say, we've had a lot on the go. We haven't forgotten you, internet. We could never forget you.

One of the best things about Ghost Throats are the surprises. You go fully expecting one band to steal the show, when every time, you are surprized by something unexpected. This was Shahman. Two quiet brothers, unassuming, politely smiling for the early show, until they took the stage, proceeded with a 5 minute brooding intro then exploding into shuddering rage. Shahman were utterly galvanizing.

They kind of have a Mare thing going on, except there's something way more raw here, thus way more real. Polish is done away with in favour of sheer emotion. They've got that quiet loud thing down (re: pinpricks until 70 guitars pedals get stepped on, then you're blown over). Plus, add that something entirely sinister about identical twins. These 7"s are not too high on the fidelity spectrum, but don't let that deter you - these jams are big. Fuzzy, maybe - but cathartic and powerful. Shahman are it. Be sure to snag these at Concession.



  1. YES! Love this band. They're also in a band called Currents that have a record available from Concession, check them out too!

  2. If you ask them if they're identical, their answer is no.