Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Facel Vega - The Body

Usually when people compare a band to Rites of Spring, what they're generally referring to is the band's tendency for a more thoughtful approach to DC-styled hardcore: the introspection, the personal themes, the more pronounced melodies - but so often overlook the sheer dangerous and raw character that Rites had. Just watch a video of Guy running around the stage and falling ass-backwards on his head. Well, Wales' Facel Vega captures that more than any band I've heard in a long long while. I generally don't say so until the year's end, but this is the one record that has really floored me this year. (Yes, I know it's technically a 2011 release, but that doesn't change a thing). Champion this.

The Body is seriously jam-packed. Packed with jams. An embarrassment of highlights on this record: Stick the changes from "Gertrude" next to "End on End" any day, or the channeling of HR in said track, or the almost Big Country-like guitar line on "Copycat," the wide open catharsis in "Car Crash", the East Bay Ray surf on "The Body," the final bass charge in "Beyond Laws" - In a lot of ways, it's hard to really pin down what sets Facel Vega apart, and it's simply that there are no gross missteps. The vocals are on the verge of breaking at any moment, guitars cutting and soaring, bass with charging lines, drums at their most solid. They know how to ride that edge: barreling forward, but never frantically off the rails; smartly built, but raw enough that you know it's real. I don't wish to have you dismiss this as throwback with the Rites comparison, because I assure you, this is immediate. It's angry and cool and perfect.

Give this band your attention. They're one of the few newer bands who deserve it. 

I've got a few of these from our buds at Art for Blind in the ReWin distro at the moment (along with a bunch of other great stuff from them). So either grab one from me, or get a bunch of stuff from that great Irish label, Art for Blind.

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