Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tamiroff - Last Songs

I don't know much about Tamiroff other than they are a band from Rochester, NY and may or may not be active still. They play twinkly emo/indie rock stuff. It somewhat reminds me of bands like Gameface, Promise Ring, Counterfit and to an extent American Football. Somewhat technical, but very melodic and catchy. They also have this cool mid 90's radio rock vibe going on, like Gin Blossoms, although saying that may turn people off a bit. This EP is called "Last Songs" which leads me to believe this band is now defunct. Blood Alley would definitely be the stand out track for me, lots of great noodley guitars and start stop riffs. Groovy.

This record is pretty safe and clean, nothing to groundbreaking or edgy but an enjoyable listen for a lazy sunday afternoon or when you're looking for some good pop rock emo stuff.

(I went back and listened to Gin Blossoms again, and the vocals in Tamiroff definitely have this vibe at times. RAD!)

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