Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kevin Rips: Shokei - Painkiller

"Feel something real!"

I've spoken abundance about this current scene happening in Germany, but it's a real shame that more people on this side of the Atlantic don't know what's happening over there. Basically, there's about 6 bands that all have a sort-of mathy-indie-post-hardcore vibe going. And they all seem to do splits with each other. Kids Expolde did a split with Shokei who both did a 4-way split with Falcon Five who did a split with Patterns who've done a split with fuckuismyname. Incestuous, perhaps - but it is a scene that is very vibrant and compelling. And one that has cost me a pretty penny in overseas mailorder shipping.

Shokei may very well be my favorite band of all of these (though I think Kids Explode take the cake for favorite song). Shokei has a sound sort-of like Planes Mistaken for Stars, if they weren't silly, or North of America if they were a little tougher; definitely what's locally come to be known as a "Stebner" band. This is Shokei's First release on their own, a 12" that has 5 new songs, a re-recording of an old one, and a bunch of silly remixes (which, frankly, I didn't bother to rip). You're getting all the good jams from this record, "Night Swim" in particular has made it onto many a mixtape. Dig.

If there's demand, I'll work my way though the rest of the killer stuff from this scene.


  1. If you haven't already check out rabbit theory and solemn league. both are kind of "allstar" bands with members of kids explode, pete the pirate squid etc. the rabbit theory have a stronger emphasis on mid 90s melodic emo while solemn league are an obvious hommage towards 90s punk ala wipers. both rock hard though.

  2. Yeah definitely, I've got the Solemn League split with Kids Explode. It's a good one.

  3. I've been behind on this blog but I JUST saw this post after I found the Kids Explode / Shokei / Petethepirate / the Falcon Five split.
    Awesome bands.
    -Pizza Pie

  4. Kevin, nice blog you got there! If anyone reading your blog wants to hear couple of other tunes from us, well, we got you covered: All our old songs are on our new bandcamp page. Just check out and follow the links (actually each song title on that page links to the respective tune on bandcamp). Any, hey: You won't get sued - at least not by us!