Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ten Grand - The Comprehensive List....

Sometimes you get fucked over...sometimes you get fucked over a lot. If you're in a band, you make a list of the people involved with said fucking over....and then you input that list into the computer and have your Macbook read that list in it's broken, eerie robot voice and use it as the intro to your record. And that's exactly how The Comprehensive List of Everyone Who Has Ever Done Anything Wrong to Us by Ten Grand begins and it really sets the tone of this band...a band that obviously doesn't take themselves too seriously and a band that loves to get under people's skin.

When I listen to this album I think to myself "Man, I bet these guys were total dickheads!" Now before you get all uppity and say "Oh AB is talking shit again," let me explain that I mean this in the greatest way. The vocals are snotty and stand offish, the music is beautifully dissonant and the whole record has this sharp vicious sound to it and it just has a serious "Fuck everyone" vibe to it. It's sarcastic and pissed off with just enough swagger to get away with it. The serrated edge of Orchid of City of Caterpillar with the hip shaking gall of Nation of Ulysses, in fact there is a bit of a nod to the nation on the track "the payload theme song" with the squeaky horn section. Great record!


  1. My version of this record has the band as "The Vida Blue"

  2. I heard a song off this record on Bringin' it down and it sounded rad.

  3. They were the Vida Blue before one of the guys from Phish wanted to name his band Vidablue. So he paid them $10,000 to change their name. Hence Ten Grand.