Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't - s/t 7"

I uploaded I Can Put My Arm Back On You Can't's (from here on out know as ICPMABOYC) full length album a while's total ripper. I knew this 7" existed but had to be able to find a copy of it anywhere. When Titan came through town last week they had a small distro of mostly various I Spoke records, but sitting off to the side was a nondescript looking 7" in a white paper sleeve in a clear plastic slip. The slip had a small label in the top left corner with song titles and a brief description of the recording process. Printed in silver on the blue label was ICPMABOYC. Distro gold!!

Anyways, I'm not too sure what the story with this 7" is. Whether it was a teaser 7" of material the band was working on before they ultimately disbanded, or old songs that they wanted to release, I'm unsure. Both tracks on this are total bangers, and not far off from the full length tracks. Maybe a bit more raw in sound, but that's more a product of the recording. Regardless, this is definitely worth snagging if you ever come across it, especially if you're a fan of the band. All the web addresses on the 7" are dead, so I really don't know where you'd be able to get one online. If you're ever in Toronto check the bargain bins at your fave record store...I bet there is one or two floating about. (I'm told James Ternovoy has 2 copies of this in his distro. So if you're in Edmonton, make sure you grab this from him. Physical copies are always better than digital.)


  1. No, this is an earlier thing - came about before the last album in any case. Not sure whether it came before or after the first cd, though.


  2. Rad...I should have just asked. ha. Thanks.

  3. - je peux rettacher mon bras toi non (2004)
    - no refunds 7" (2005)
    - stands for ICPMABOYC (2007)

    thanks for getting me listening to the 2nd record again! never should have stopped in the first place...

    chris (from titan) ran the label that put out the 7", i do believe.

  4. Flipping to the b-side of the ICPMABOYC 7" to find "NO REFUNDS" scratched into the vinyl made me laugh harder than I have in a while