Monday, September 5, 2011

Render Useless - The Relationship Between a 1/4 Note and a 1/8 Note

This 7" had a profound affect on me as a lad. I pulled it out of a distro and one of the few legit shows I saw when I was 18 or so (pretty sure it was a Corta Vita/Wolfnote shows if my memory serves) - even the idea of a distro was new to me at the time - but the kid who ran gave me some good advice: "Oh yeah, you like Indian Summer? Man, this is the real stuff right here" and stuck this 7" in my hand. I brought it home it was a revelation. Not just sound, but whole presentation. Enclosed was a zine - and I know now, since collecting hundreds of records like this, that this is common fare - and inside contained lyrics, explanations drawings - and not of it was esoteric or preachy - it all felt so sincere and personal (they included their phone numbers for goodness sake!!). I still feel like "Attention All Shoppers" is a classic.

Render Useless hailed from Victoria. Now at the time, early 90's, Victoria had some of the cream of the emo crop, as we've posted some up earlier (Republic of Freedom Fighters, Wrought: Ironsmile) and listening to all now once again, there definitely was a sound to Victoria. But I have to say Render Useless were the cream of the cream. Somewhat comparable to Shotmaker as far as tone and rhythm goes but every once in a while would delve into slightly more restrained bits (like Amber Inn perhaps?). Even after tracking down everything this band has done, I still find this 7" to be the best representation. Succinct, and every song good. Classic Can-emo jams.

If you dig this, I suggest heading over to Clue#2 and ordering yourself a copy of the discography cd.

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  1. finally found a copy of this myself! so, so good!