Thursday, April 5, 2012

Navies - An Estate

AB: New post from Mr. Saskatoon himself, Mr. Soulz.

My teenage years were largely built on the foundation of Lovitt Records, best known for releasing music by emo and hardcore heavyweights like Four Hundred Years, Bats and Mice, Frodus, Sleepytime Trio, Milemarker, etc. Lots of music to have feelings to, y'know?

Thank goodness I followed Lovitt's discography in a near-religious way, otherwise I would not have stumbled upon a mysterious little band called Navies, who none of my peers seem to remember. This band broke the label's roster mold at the time in several ways, though with driving bass lines a la Shotmaker and screechy schizophrenic guitars, Navies certainly lived up to the reputation Lovitt had for releasing interesting post-hardcore. With song lengths slightly beyond what is normal for the genre, the band certainly appeared to take great pains in composing and arranging these jams and weren't afraid of creating linear journeys out of bangin' riffs. Overall, the balance and interplay between psychotic rhythmic freakouts and brief melodic lulls make them sound like Fugazi on acid, or if Black Eyes weren't so inspired by disco and trash-can tribal music.


  1. Also of note, Navies didn't use bass at all, rather one dude played a baritone.

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