Monday, April 2, 2012

NicsPicks: Kodan Armada/Pretty Faces Split

AB: New post from our best bud, Nicholas. Calling it NicsPicks. Not sure he'll love that.

Kodan Armada was one of those bands that sat in my recommendations list for a good while. I am not sure where exactly I started in there discography but I was hooked in an instant. The collector in me wanted every releases these guys had put a song on. The hunt was on I found a couple splits relatively easily and bought them. But there was always a released mentioned that had not surfaced on any of the fan sites or blogs. That release is this post Kodan Armada/ Pretty Faces, there very vague mentions of this split being out but I never found any solid info. I actually thought it was not a reality until a copy popped up on the ebay. The band was not fond of ebay as stated on the cover of one their split with gospel, “Fuck Ebay”.

This release package is crazy, it contains three zines a package of rap trading cards and a bunch of nic-nacks from the label. I must say it was overwhelming to unpack it. It also come with a photo attached to the back of the envelope carrying all these goodies. I am not sure if the label does this for all of the releases or just this one. I am also not sure how many where actually made but I have a feeling that only pre-order versions went out. My copy has 420/500 marked but is also pre-order 12 so I am not sure on the number. This release is truly packed to the brim though. Picture will be included in the zip.

Lastly I want to talk about the sound of Kodan Armada, I have left this till last because I suck at describing sounds. Kodan Armada are nothing if not screamo but that carries such a wide frame that I must narrow it. I feel they hit everything I am looking for in my screamo, chaotic while still having melodic parts, screaming that counters clean parts, and fast mixed with slower parts. From that last sentence they may seem like a contradiction but they are far from that, they are more like a sweet mix of everything that defines screamo. I hope you find what I found in this band and fall for their sound.

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