Monday, December 7, 2009

Adam & Naive - Summer in the Storm Cellar

A slight departure from the regular posts on this blog for today. Adam & Naive are not a punk rock, hardcore, or emo band. I'm not even really sure how to classify them. Weird indie rock drenched in reverb and delay. This record really is very appropriately titled. It makes me think of hot, sweaty summer nights spent in basements dancing with your friends after a long day of eating Viet subs on the steps and playing soccer in the field. It just has a really great laid back vibe going on with it's twinkly guitars, shouted-sang vocals and meandering drums that sort of skip along. This record is definitely going to help me get through this cursed time of year we lovingly call winter.

Stand out tracks for me are Rainy Day, as song comprised entirely of stomping, clapping, chanting, and shouting and Candy Baby, a reverb soaked slide guitar jam. Rad!

Best thing about this band? They put all their records up fro free on their myspace. I've put the link to Summer in The Storm Cellar here, but you should go to their myspaca and check out the other records, and maybe purchase some merch if you feel so inclined. Great band!

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