Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Floodgate - 7" + I Choose Danger Double 7"

Floodgate was a California emo/punk rock band formed in the early 90's. Very reminiscent of early DC bands like Rites of Spring, One Last Wish, Embrace, etc. Very frantic vocals over top of jagged and noisy guitars and groovey basslines. I don't know a ton about these guys, but what I've heard is really rad.

I decided to upload their 7" release and their double 7" release "I Choose Danger". Stand out tracks are definitely "At Rest" that has a great guitar hook and a bass line that makes me think of 80's new wave/pop (I'm not sure why) and "The Organic" which is a frantic little gem with a Waiting Room-esque bass line (Maybe even a little "Come As You Are" - Nirvana steez too). Very catchy dirty sounding emo punk rock! Dig Dig Dig. (Side note: The art pictured above is for the 7", the art for the Double 7" is included in the download file, it just wasn't big enough to bother posting)

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  1. nice sounding rip on these, I appreciate it!