Tuesday, December 29, 2009

With Horses in Here Eyes - Prologue

With Horses in Her Eyes was an awesome screamo/hardcore/skramz/fuckyou band from Atlanta. They released Prologue, a CDR, and changed their name to Histories....but sadly broke up in 2007. It's really too bad, because I personally feel like this band was doing some really killer stuff with the genre...maybe not groundbreaking, but they did it exceptionally well. The screams are some of my favorite I've heard on a screamo record in a while, incredibly frantic and intense. The music is heavy and driving at one minute, incredibly melodic at the next. Some of the poppier parts remind me of mid 90's emo like Mineral or Evergreen. The last track is acoustic, which is super cheesy and totally reminds me of 90's metalcore weenies Red Roses for a Blue Lady, but if you can look past the cheese, it's actually a pretty sick ending to a fantastic album. Anyways, really awesome record by another band that unfortunately came to an early end. I heard that a member of the band had all the remaining copies of this record in his car...the car was stolen. Bummer.

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