Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cloud Mouth - S/T

Cloud Mouth! What a band! Of course they hail from Chicago, because really, if you're making good music and you're not from Halifax, you're from Chicago. Don't argue's science.

Cloud Mouth plays dirty, snotty, skrammy punk rock in vein of...well...I'm not too sure who they sound like. I guess if you twisted my arm, I'd say there is a bit of a City of Caterpillar vibe to some of the songs and maybe a bit of Who Calls So Loud as well...but only if those bands ditched the post rock influences and embraced riffage. The first song on this EP, "The Rats in Their Holes" starts out with some of the silliest rock riffs (See also: AWESOME) I've heard on an emo record ever and blasts you with some totally moist (Rad, for those who have not been privy to Cecil Frena relentless moist campaign) shouted/screamed vocals. I think I get the CoC vibes from this because of the vocalist...totally snotty and full of reverb. There is a bit of clean vocals, but I use the term "clean" very loosely as they are just sort of lazily wheezed over the constant frantic shouting. The guitars are sludgy and distorted and have this great tone to them that is reminiscent of a lot of stoner rock from the 90's.

Honestly I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to upload this record, because I listen to it almost everyday. The song Past Tense is such a banger, with the weird off key, stream of consciousness shouted vocals at the beginning. So awesome. So so so awesome. CLOUD MOUTH!

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  1. Hey peeps, thanks for sharing our music and the kind words!