Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Classics: North of America -Brothers, Sisters

Sorry for the lack of posts again. I've had a pretty severe case of writers block lately. I've had a few records I've wanted to put up, but I just haven't really been able to write about them. While I'm not sure how many people actually read my longwinded posts, this blog essentially acts as a place for me to ramble on about music and I don't feel right turning it into an album dumping ground with no insight into why I choose the records I do. This will be my last post in the "Best of the Decade" series. I'm sure I could dedicate a whole blog to this, but most people will have all the records I post anyways. Back to newish stuff soon!

North of America's 'Brothers, Sisters' is essential Canadian indie/punk/emo listening. This is a band I wish I had gotten into earlier, as they were no strangers to touring across Canada. Unfortunately being the ignorant dope that I am, constantly confused North of America with Boards of Canada. HA....2 totally different bands. North of America was a band for just 6 years (1997-2003) and in that time released a record every year. Pretty impressive and incredibly inspiring. While I could have chosen almost any of their releases, Brothers, Sisters was the first album I bought from their discography. It's a perfect mix of angular mid 90's indie rock, shouted emo and pop hooks and definitely serves as a great jumping off point for this band. I listen to their records everyday...no joke.

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