Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thundrah - The City Swallows the Sparrow

I really like when I buy records with no idea as to what they'll sound like, and they turn out to be absolute gems. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, oh boy. That was the case with Thundrah's The City Swallows The City. Admittedly I'm on a bit of a record buying spree as of late now that I finally have a decent working turntable, so I tend to want to buy anything that is put in front of me. Thundrah's record cover is screen printed and has a big fancy bird on it. I like both those things a lot, and I also like The Corta Vita a lot, a band that Thundrah shares members with, so this seemed like a no brainer $12 to spend.

Anyways, Thundrah plays indie rock with that Halifax slant I dig so much, with a bit of a mid 90's emo vibe to some of the songs. The guitars are noisy and angular and the bass has a great groove to it. Discoey, dancey drums drive the record along and give some of the songs a bit of an older Q & Not U sound to them. Vocally it's right up my alley, with shouted, yelped vocals that remind me of The Medium Mood or the obligatory North of America reference I have to make each post. It's dancey, shoutey, emoey, indie goodness and it's Canadian!

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