Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weed - With Drug b/w Eighty 7"

I ordered this 7" after seeing a review of it on Weird Canada. To be honest (and no hard feelings) but some of the bands found on Weird Canada are really not my jam, but Weed really stuck with me. It's a perfect mix of fuzzed out 90's style indie rock with a summery tinge. Vancouver channeling Halifax channeling 1996.

Although it's the b-side, Eighty is definitely the stand out jam for me with it's roll-off-the-tongue, slurred vocals chasing the guitars all over track and that chorus hook! Dang! Taking over my brain kind of hookage. The a-side, With Drug, is no slouch either though. Pure pop goodness. Grab your jean shorts and ray bans, you finally got a soundtrack to those lazy, hot Saturday afternoons.

I would also like to say that I ordered this record on a Thursday and had it in hand by Wednesday. Other labels take note! That rules. Nice work Cruisin' USA. This is available for name your price on their Bandcamp, so I'm going to link to that, but while you're there make sure you purchase a physical copy. Well worth it!
(From the band's Bandcamp)

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