Saturday, October 1, 2011

Logs - Hogz

Alright, here's the deal. These songs are in no way difficult to find, in fact a quick google search will find it on a number of blogs, but since it's likely this album will never see a proper physical release, I figured it wouldn't hurt to have it up another blog.

Logs hail from Portland, OR, features members of Kidcrash and Carrion Spring, and play a style of emo fairly similar to their other projects. Post-hardcore with a bit of a mathy vibe...lots of quick time changes and start-stop rhythms. I think why I'm so drawn to these guys is their reliance on Shotmaker-esque bass lines. It gives the music a burly and pummeling quality which I sort of feel a lot of bands in this scene have lost. The riffs are angular and off kilter, but hooky enough to keep you bobbing your head (see: Track 3 - 1:30!!!!). In all honesty, the emo/skramz/post-hardcore scene that is so popular in the states right now has been producing some fairly lacklustre bands of late, so it's really refreshing to hear a record that actually gets me excited for a change. It's a shame this band is likely dead.

As much as I'd like to say support this band and buy their stuff, it's almost impossible to find their first 7" in physical form and like I said before, these 8 songs have never been formally released anywhere. I've heard rumblings of Denovali releasing a 12" but I doubt it'll happen. So for now, download, enjoy and share.

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