Saturday, October 24, 2009

Elliot - Hateful Days (7")

Elliot was a band from Winnipeg. They do not sound like Elliott, the Revelation band most people know of. That's really all I know about them.

Elliot played hard hitting hardcore, with just enough of an emo flavor to keep it really interesting. The recording is very abrasive and dirty sounding...I love it. The bass has a great groove to it, which drives the music along, while the guitars provide a wall of noise and melody. Four tracks in just over 9 minutes.

Anyone who digs bands like Heroin, Shotmaker, Draft Dodgers, Rites of Spring will probably dig this a lot. (The rip of the 7" comes courtesy of Mr. Kevin Stebner....if you ever want to know about great Canadian emo, talk to that guy!)

(Unfortunately I can't find a myspace)


  1. This band had John Sutton in it, later of The Weakerthans, and for a short time, i do believe, in Gentleman Reg.

    They also released a split with Winnipeg's Banned From Atlantis (who were a Winnipeg favourite of mine) whose members went on to bands like The Bonaduces and The Paperbacks.

    I can lend you the Banned From Atlantis/Elliot split sometime if you want.

    Also, you may already know them, but there was another great band from Winnipeg called Painted Thin that you may want to check out.

  2. Thanks, Shad - I do have the Banned from Atlantis split as well - I definitely think the Eliot side trumps it, though. That could get upped in the near future if there is demand.