Friday, October 30, 2009

Sharks Kill

Once upon a time, I was on tour and instead of going to eat at a restaurant with the rest of the group, a friend and I just went and got a little thing of rice and sat outside eating. Very randomly a woman approached us and told us that her son had recently passed away. She was on her way to the record store to sell off a large portion of his collection when she spotted us. Apparently, we were dressed in the same manner her son had dressed and she decided that instead of selling this large bag of records, she would just let us have them. This bag was FULL of treasures. For example:

Sharks Kill!
The first thing I noticed about this 7" was the care that went into it. It was packaged in a nice, stiff hand screened cover and included a 16 page self-published zine entitled "This could be the day..." (which is also the name of the record) and a 16 page lyric booklet with pictures and all the thoughts that were going through the bands head as they wrote the songs and what exactly it was that had gone into the making of the record. I was struck by how honest and caring the band seemed and I spent the rest of tour pouring over the zine and lyrics, finding myself agreeing completely with what they had to say and wholeheartedly identifying with the situations that crafted the songs.

When I got home to my record player, I was so pleased to find out that the actual songs bled the same emotion as the inserts. So honest, so heartfelt, so raw and unforgiving. It's toe tapping, it's out of key, it's off time and they don't care at all. These songs meant the world to them and you can feel it from start to finish.

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