Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scrapbooker - Discography (so far)

I feel like I've had to defend Scrapbooker a lot. Straight up, lyrically they're offensive. But (and I hope I'm right) I feel they're doing something more than simply spewing violence. Part of their performance is to take on the voice of an exploitative police officer or a rapist or something like that - like an actual voice of horror - and just displaying it. OR I could be just way off. It's kind of like the Chicago noise-rock stuff from years ago. The things David Yow or Steve Albini spewed in their bands were pretty anti-social, but definitely an intriguing listen. I feel like Scrapbooker do something similar. I don't know if I feel good about what they do. The way they do it is definitely not the way I would go about it, but they definitely do challenge the listener. They've challenged me, and that doesn't happen often at all. But that's the thing, all that ambiguity makes them dangerous. Scrapbooker are the one band that's really restored that sense of DANGER to punk rock in Alberta. With all this down-tuned posturing going on, Scrapbooker are the ones that are actually making scary music. Because, (straight up) sonically they're incredible. A Scrapbooker show could be a disaster. Things could get broken, people hurt. Sean hits his drums harder than any band I've ever seen (no hyperbole), so half the time I expect the drums to be disintegrated by the end of the set.

Maybe we shouldn't be friends, maybe I should be more discerning. They probably are a bad influence in my life.

Find all their stuff, self-released, on bandcamp.


  1. Fuck Scrapbooker. I'm gunna come to every one of their shows and fucking break shit.

    Also they

  2. Pfft, they'd probably beat you to it, Anonymous

  3. Honestly? I love their music. I have not hear anything like their music. It says something. Not the way people expect, but it sure as hell says it. It lets you into mindsets that normally you wouldn't get into. Maybe that's not what they meant to do, but Jesus fuck in a bucket, I really do enjoy their music.

  4. favorite band in canada, hands down. on my favorite blog on the internet, hands up?