Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ghost Throats 2012 #1: Tel Fyr - S/T Cassette

From now until Ghost Throats 2012 we'll be posting on a few of the bands playing this years festival. Best way to learn the words and sing along when the time comes. Remember, advance tickets can be purchased here, on at Strange City in Edmonton and Sloth in Calgary.

I've been watching Calgary's Tel Fyr grow. Dudes, Tel Fyr are getting GOOD. Super fiery sets that start from nothing and build into tense outbursts into an exhaustive purge. Pieces of meandering post-rock rushing into churning hardcore. There's even some good ol' emo spoken-word in there for good measure. Some of it is like modern-day Envy full-bore, while other times it's single guitars and haunting screams from the ether. This tape itself is like that too, starts of promising and builds into impressive maturity, where it then quietly bids you adieu. Brainchild Will Bjrondahl (also in Cold Craving) cooked this thing up, and it's best you get in on it.

Catch them on Sunday, June 3rd in Calgary @ Undermountain
(from Bandcamp)


  1. *obligatory oblivion reference*

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