Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ghost Throats #3: Brain Fever - s/t 12"

Brain Fever is band that would fit into the screamo but that term can be attributed to many bands so I will try to interpret the definition as it relates to the band. I want to start off by describing the vocals they have the trademark scream vocals but they are juxtaposed nicely with softer vocals. This something that makes the songs more enjoyable, you also will not have to have a lyrics sheet beside you to understand what is actually being sung. Next talking about the instrumentation employed by the band is hard I would say it is math style played in a spazz manner. Everything is very calculated with how it relates to the song but it changes frequently keeping the song flowing and the listener’s attention. I should note that they have been a band awhile and the songs do not all follow what was described above. Please have a listen to them you will like it. 

A couple things to promote for the band first of all the will be playing Ghost Throats June 1st in Edmonton at Inglewood Hall. They will also be recording a new album at the end of may with a Canadian and European tour to follow. Keep up with them on Facebook. 

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