Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ghost Throats #2: Animal Faces - Analytical Dreaming

 One of the first posts on Gonnagetsued was way back in 2009 for a painfully under-appreciated Toronto band called Soft Floors. Sadly by the time I even heard Soft Floors they had long broken up. Then just over a year (maybe a year and half) ago I started hearing rumblings online and getting texts from Toronto friends about this band called Animal Faces, a band made up of former Soft Floors members. The tunes did not disappoint at all! 

Animal Faces picks up right where Soft Floors left off, playing technical, yet grooving hardcore. A really great mix of bands like Sinaloa, Kidcrash and maybe Hot Cross. Despite their first 7", Analytical Dreaming, being only 5 songs and only clocking in at around 15 minutes, the album feels bigger and fuller than that, with parts careening and weaving around each other at a furious pace. Just super well thought out jams that honestly leave you wanting more and more...and on that note, make sure you head over to their Bandcamp to listen to the new teaser track of their forthcoming one sided 12". I also have heard from numerous people that Animal Faces puts on one of the best live shows! Cannot wait for June 1st! 

Because I'm a design geek I have to talk about the packaging for all things Animal Faces. WOW! Awesome illustration, great typography, beautiful photography. I'm always so jealous when I see anything these guys are putting out, whether it's albums or merch. It's all so beautiful! Excited to snag copies of their 7" and 12" when they come through town for Ghost Throats.

Animal Faces plays on June 1st in Edmonton and June 3rd in Calgary.


  1. Hey Guys. Just posted and reviewed your band's LP Burn Daylight Like Torches on Elementary Revolt. Killer stuff. Just picked up the LP through along with the new Township 7" through IFB records stateside. Can't wait to get my greasy mitts on the wax. Long time reader of the blog and dig your reviews of all things Canadian. I also put up the new Damages LP if you're interested. Peace!

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