Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ghost Throats #4: Bandera - II 12"

I've had such a pleasure to have been able to see Bandera a number of times. I feel like they are the brother band to Stalwart Sons, being able to play with them every time we're out East. And look at this: Darryll from Tonnn, Tim from Whiskey Priest, and now Jordan from JBAC on bass. This new line-up destroys. That first tape we did was awesome, but II is a huge departure.

Bandera hail from Toronto. Some of the finest Post-hardcore in Canada at the moment. Rhythm heavy, super dynamic. I'd pin it somewhere similar to mid-era Level Plane stuff like Gospel or something like that. Brush up for when the time comes.

Bandera are playing the Friday in Edmonton, and Sunday in Calgary.
Do not miss.

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