Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ghost Throats #9: La Maladresse - Débandades cassette

First of all, if you have not, snag La Maladresse's s/t cd - it is necessary - everything I said before bears repeating. La Maladresse are awesome. It's seems like we've got some self-fulfilling prophecy going on here on that previous post, as we have convinced La Maladresse to play that show in Alberta! The most unlikely of things seem to happen at Ghost Throats. I can stress enough how lucky we are to be able to see them play. Débandades translates to "stampede" - Ironic perhaps, that La Maladresse would reunite after a one year absence in Alberta, stampede central.

This cassette here is something of a curiosity. If it didn't have the name La Maladresse stamped on the spine, I never would have guessed it was the same band. Débandades has a whole bunch of weirdo things going on: strange loops, drums coming in and out of phase, blown out acoustic guitars, and all vocal-less. If you expect it to be a departure from their s/t album you'll probably be disappointed. Comes off as really interesting experiments, and that's probably exactly what it was. Think of it like that, and you'll enjoy it - I'm thankful they're trying things, having fun with it. Once that stops, we're all dead.
~KS (Not AB! Sorry Kev)

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  1. This cassette is weird but these guys are awesome. I didn't know they had made a come back for this's awesome !

    Check out their previous band MONOCYCLE. They have a song on VA - Emo Apocalypse LP. A discograpny Cd also exist somewhere in Montreal and Québec.