Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ghost Throats #10 White Ribs - s/t

When I first has the pleasure (re: rude awakening) of witnessing (re: being assaulted by) White Ribs, I had no idea what to expect. They we're playing in their cellar in Nanaimo (where they originally hail), the floor of which resembled something more like waves frozen rather than solid ground. The uneven floor matched the set perfectly - as I literally and figuratively had no idea on where or how to stand. Off came the shirts, on came the black masks: Out came the skronk monsters known as White Ribs. They tore through a set of maybe 8 songs in as many minutes. I didn't know what hit me. There were probably 8 arms on that drummer; every string on that guitar was tuned to H for all I knew. They made the neighbours irate.

They handed me this EP before we parted -5 songs in barely more than 5 minutes - if it were anything more, I dare not even think about the nightmares that would be ensue. Maybe I could say they sound somewhere in the vein of The Locust, Data Cave or Arab on Radar - but of course, that would still be too far off - White Ribs sound like nightmares. Ham-hock, barfy, fuzzy, spidery, nightmares.

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